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My new magazine, DC Newsmakers, is a monthly compilation of important interviews from In Depth with Francis Rose.  It’s available through Amazon; you can read it on any Kindle device, or on any mobile device or desktop through an app from Amazon.

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In the debut March 2014 issue:

–The Defense Department has never been able to account for the money it gets from Congress. But after decades of delays and missed deadlines, they believe they can, by 2017. Defense Department Deputy Chief Financial Officer Mark Easton explains why.

–Preventable deaths and other problems at Veterans Affairs hospitals push House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller to push for more accountability – and firings – at the agency. He explains why he thinks legislation is necessary.

–Stolen personal information from retailers like Target put protecting identities in the headlines. A Federal government program run by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies will protect consumer identity in cyberspace.

–Homeland Security Department employees collecting overtime they weren’t entitled to can’t do it any more. But neither can the employees who earned the overtime. Senator Jon Tester is worried national security is at stake.

–This year’s budget process in Congress will be very different than the past. House Appropriations subcommittee on Homeland Security Chairman John Carter explains why, and what he’s focused on.

–The defense industrial base that supports the mission of the Defense Department is about to go through some dramatic changes, thanks to the military drawdown and tighter defense budgets. Former Deputy Defense Secretary Bill Lynn is co-chair of a task force that will look at sustaining and strengthening that base.