My AFCEA DC Air Force panel in FCW: Can Kessel Run scale across DoD?

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FCW covered the panel I moderated for AFCEA DC Friday. From the FCW report:

“Everyone wants a piece of Kessel Run, the Air Force’s agile software development program, and attempts to replicate its success of are already underway.

“Air Force Chief Information Security Officer Wanda Jones-Heath said the Defense Department is taking steps to scale the program, named after a reference in the ‘Star Wars’ movies, with the help of the Department of Homeland Security…

“‘If we’re going to do a DevOps model as we transition to a software-based Air Force, where we’re more software defined, more agile … I can change capabilities via an aircraft out there,’ such as a sensor, shooter or network node, Brig. Gen. Kevin Kennedy, Air Force director of cyberspace strategy and policy, said during the panel discussion.

“To get the software to that level, Kennedy said, three elements are needed: an operator — air, cyber, or space — an acquisitions expert and a coder all with proficiency in software development.”

You can read the entire FCW report here.