My AFCEA DC Air Force Panel In FedScoop: DoD orgs eyeing AF’s Kessel Run

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FedScoop covered the panel I moderated for AFCEA DC Friday. From the FedScoop report:

“Kessel Run, taking after its ‘Star Wars’ namesake, wants to kick Air Force software development and acquisitions into hyperdrive, reducing the years-long timeline down to a few months with agile principles and saving millions of dollars along the way. The service began piloting the program in 2017 — bringing together airmen, Air Force civilians and contractors — and launched an Experimentation Lab in Boston this May.

“Word has gotten out, and the rest of the DOD wants a piece of Kessel Run’s success, Air Force IT leaders said Friday at an AFCEA luncheon.

“‘They’ve already taken a lot of the Kessel Run artifacts, the approach, the playbook, and they’re starting to use that,’ (Air Force CISO Wanda Jones-Heath) said of the DOD. ‘There are other services also doing the same thing. So now they’re looking at the best of breed. How can we scale across the entire DOD enterprise to bring that capability securely into what we do?’

“Brig. Gen. Kevin Kennedy, director of cyberspace strategy and policy in the service’s Office of Information Dominance and CIO, spoke about the importance of the Kessel Run program and how its reliance on the DevOps model is making the Air Force more software-based — ‘things are more software-defined, more agile and I can change capabilities,’ he said.”

You can read the entire FedScoop report here.