FedHeads Episode 32: Live from ELC – Special Pop-Up FedHeads

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The FedHeads are on location again – at the ACT-IAC Executive Leadership Conference in Philadelphia. This week, Robert and I welcome Dan Chenok, Executive Director of the IBM Center for the Business of Government. Dan is a stranger to nobody in the government management space, having been a leader in government and the private sector for decades in Washington and has written and spoken extensively around government technology, cybersecurity, privacy, regulation, budget, acquisition, and Presidential transitions.

The IBM Center also recently celebrated its 20th anniversary working to connecting research to practice to benefit government with an event at which it rolled out “Government for the Future: Reflection and Vision for Tomorrow’s Leaders: Lessons from 20 Years of the IBM Center for the Business of Government“. The event featured a panel of Deputy Directors for Management at the Office of Management and Budget, including moderator Jonathan Breul, former Executive Director, IBM Center for The Business of Government, and former Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director for Management in the Office of Management and Budget; Sally Katzen, Deputy Director for Management 1999 – 2001; Clay Johnson, Deputy Director for Management 2003 – 2006; Andrew Mayock, Deputy Director for Management 2015 – 2017; and Margaret Weichert, Deputy Director for Management 2017-present.

Panel discussion video: