My AFCEA DC cyber panel in Federal News Radio: DoD Cybersecurity Scorecard 2.0 is out

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Federal News Radio covered my fireside chat at AFCEA DC’s annual Cybersecurity Summit yesterday with Edward Brindley, Acting Deputy DOD CIO for Cybersecurity, and CIO/G-6 Acting Director of Cybersecurity Col. Donald Bray.

From the Federal News Radio report:

“Last spring, then-Defense Department Chief Information Officer John Zangardi said automation would be the key to the next iteration of the cybersecurity scorecard.

“Now, almost 10 months later more details are coming out on what the DoD cybersecurity scorecard 2.0 will look like, how it will harness automation and if it will actually act as more than just a barometer for cyber hygiene in the department.

“The first version of the cybersecurity scorecard was created to help senior leaders get a feel for where their agencies are when it comes to protecting networks.

“DoD hopes to turn that scorecard into an actionable plan and system that will strengthen DoD systems and possibly save money.

“‘When we talk about automation, we talk about the provisioning of services that are automatically instrumented. I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of continuous monitoring, you’re probably heard about comply to connect. Part of what we are talking about for scorecard 2.0 is how do we provisions services and introduce comply to connect in an operational context in a way that we either assure ourselves and each other that the enterprise is to a level of health that we can see operationally,’ acting DoD Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity Ed Brindley said during a Feb. 27, AFCEA event in Arlington, Va.”

Read the entire report here.

Listen to the entire fireside chat here.

Photo (l-r): Francis Rose, Government Matters; Col. Donald Bray, Acting Director of Cybersecurity, Army CIO/G-6; Edward Brindley, Acting Deputy DOD CIO for Cybersecurity (photo courtesy of MetroStar Systems)