My AFCEA Bethesda panel in Fedscoop: VA CIO says expect 10 more years of VISTA

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Fedscoop covered my AFCEA Bethesda Health IT Day fireside chat with Dr. Carolyn Clancy, Executive in Charge of the Veterans Health Administration; and Scott Blackburn, Executive in Charge for Information and Technology and Chief Information Officer for the Office of Information and Technology.

From the Fedscoop report:

“The legacy EHR known as VistA won’t be disappearing any time soon, CIO Scott Blackburn said Tuesday at the AFCEA Health IT Day.

“As the VA rolls out its modernized Cerner-based EHR over the course of 10 years, the department will have to continue to support and invest in its plagued Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture, Blackburn said. The department announced its plan last June to buy a Cerner system based on its interoperability with the Defense Department’s own new Cerner-based system…

“‘We’re going to have to make some very strategic, targeted investments to maintain the state-of-the-art nature of VistA, things like scheduling systems, whatever that might be, to keep that going,’ he said.

“Carolyn Clancy, the head of the Veterans Health Administration, agreed that the VA will need to continue to prioritize VistA investment in ‘anything that keeps patient care and the flow of that information moving.’ But likewise, the department will need to continue to support VistA for educational and research purposes, as VA is a medical leader in both of those fields.”

Read the entire Fedscoop report here.