AFCEA DC Conversation With LTG Lynn Featured In Nextgov

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Nextgov covered my conversation with the outgoing director of the Defense Information Systems Agency and Joint Forces Headquarters-Department of Defense Information Network commander LTG Alan Lynn.

From the Nextgov report:

“The Defense Department’s computing infrastructure connects to the web through 10 internet access points around the globe. Those points—between the Defense Department’s unclassified and classified networks and the public internet—are attractive targets to hackers.

“Three years ago, Lynn said it was ‘a big deal’ when the Pentagon was targeted by a ‘one- or two’ gigabytes per second attack.

“‘Now we get 600 gigabytes per second attacks on internet access points, and unique and different ways of attacking us we hadn’t thought of before,” Lynn said. “Some are classified.”

“Hackers are augmenting their attacks, sometimes surreptitiously exploiting computers or web-connected devices, as was the case in the Dyn hack that shut down many popular websites in 2016.

“Lynn said the Pentagon is preparing for a one terabyte per second DDoS attack, an attack so large it would have been impossible to fathom only a few years ago.

“‘We call it the terabyte of death looming outside the door,” Lynn said. “We’re prepared for it. It’s just a matter of time before it hits us.”

Read the entire Nextgov report here.

Photo: Brent Kostak