Government Matters interview with Pentagon IG Glenn Fine featured in GovExec

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Government Executive covered my Government Matters interview Sunday morning with Glenn Fine, the acting Inspector General of the Department of Defense. From the GovExec report:

“Performing a ‘full-scope audit’ of a department with a $600 billion operating budget and $2.4 trillion in assets, said Glenn Fine on Sunday on WJLA-TV’s ‘Government Matters,’ does not ‘mean they will get a clean audit or unmodified opinion’ when the first report is due in November. ‘But as long as there is progress moving forward, it will have important implications for the management of the department.’

“The financial statement audit coordinated by the IG’s office will involve 24 stand-alone audits of every component, Fine said, citing the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps as well as the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the Defense Information Systems Agency and the Defense Health Agency. The IG will create a ‘centralized database for visibility’ so chief financial officers have all the notices of findings and can correct deficiencies and make improvements that will ‘lead to better decisions’ while assuring the public that the department knows where the spending is going and combating waste, fraud, and abuse, he added.”

Read the entire GovExec report here, and watch my interview with Glenn Fine: