BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: New show – National Defense Week

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I am very pleased to announce that my new radio show, “National Defense Week”, will debut Sunday morning, March 6th, at 11am on WMAL, 630 AM and 105.9 FM in the Washington DC area. The show will be available on WMAL’s live stream on Podcasts will be available too; more about that will be forthcoming.

The first show’s guests include:

–Gen. Carter Ham (USA ret.), the new Executive Vice President of the Association of the United States Army, and former Commander of US Africa Command. Gen. Ham also led the National Commission of the Future of the Army. He’ll talk about building a fighting force for the future, and overcoming obstacles that budget uncertainty creates for the force.

–Lt. Gen. Dale Meyerrose (USAF ret.), former Director of Command Control Systems and Chief Information Officer, Headquarters North American Aerospace Defense Command, and Director of Architectures and Integration and Chief Information Officer, Headquarters U.S. Northern Command. SECDEF Carter this week announced the US is engaging in cyber operations against ISIS, and invited hackers to earn money for hacking into Pentagon systems (in a controlled-environment pilot program). Gen. Meyerrose explains the importance of both announcements, and why they’re welcome changes from how the Pentagon historically has run, and described, cyber ops.

Todd Harrison, Director of Defense Budget Analysis and Senior Fellow in the International Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies. Congress held nearly a dozen hearings this week on the FY2017 budget for the Defense Department, and/or the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. Todd is one of the most highly respected defense budget experts in Washington; top leaders at the Pentagon seek out his expertise on budget matters. On the show, Todd sorts out the noise from the substance in the discussion about the size of the budget, where the money goes, and how that impacts the branches and the military as a whole.

The premier of National Defense Week is Sunday, March 6th, at 11am on WMAL and Your comments on the show are welcome! If your company would like to support the program, please message me about sponsorship opportunities.