IRS Commissioner, Watergate figure, and me

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UPDATE: Audio now available below!

I would like to offer a big “thank you” to Dan Blair and the National Academy of Public Administration for inviting me to host a discussion with this year’s Elliott Richardson Prize recipients, John Koskinen and William Ruckleshaus. I had the delightful experience of spending almost an hour on stage, asking them questions about their careers in public service and their views on the future of government and governance. The audience asked the best questions, and I enjoyed the entire experience greatly. I also want to thank my friend Charles Clark of Government Executive for mentioning me in his story about the event. I mentioned as the discussion started that I didn’t think I needed to review the resumes of each winner, but I offered a personal observation of each one that Charlie seemed to like.

NAPA Elliott Richardson Award discussion part 1

NAPA Elliott Richardson Award discussion part 2