Listen (Jim Bohannon): VA customer service problems aren’t just in VA; more

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From the web site of the nationally-syndicated Jim Bohannon Show:

The Veterans’ Administration has been up for major criticism that is well-deserved. While no one faults the care at any VA installation, the system has been plagued with failures in getting vets the care they need – and serve – promptly. Amid the well-documented problems, a year ago came the appointment of a new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald. Secretary McDonald has made a few missteps since taking over the department, but our guest tonight says he is making strides in the right direction in reforming the agency and making sure our veterans are getting all of the services they need. Francis Rose (@FRoseDC), host of In Depth with Francis Rose on our flagship station in the Nation’s Capital,1500 A-M, WFED (, has written a recent article about Mr. McDonald’s performance so far in a very difficult job.”

8/17/15 Francis Rose on Jim Bohannon Show