McDonald’s VA Web concept reveals real customer service challenge

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From my new commentary on

“McDonald also has a strong grip on the challenges his agency puts in the way of veterans. ‘If I went to a veteran and said, “What’s Blue Button?” they would have no idea,’ he said recently at an event hosted by Politico. ‘Our websites have unusual names. E-Benefits, MyHealtheVet, etcetera. What’s wrong with or Rather than looking at everything through the lens of the bureaucracy toward the customer, let’s look at everything from the lens of the customer.’

“Amen. He’s exactly right. But one element of that statement reveals one of the major problems McDonald faces as he tries to remake the organization.

“Try typing into your browser, and see what happens. Spoiler alert: you’ll get redirected to a great site that’s well-designed and easy to use, with tons of detail about the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service. The host of that site and administrator of the VETS program? The Department of Labor.”

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