Best way to prevent more sequestration damage: kill the sequester now

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I know a six-year deal is an extremely hard pull. I haven’t heard anyone discuss it as even a remote possibility. But it’s the deal that makes the most sense. The most common excuse I’ve heard from the Hill against that deal, or any deal, is, “2016 is a presidential election year, so it’ll be harder to get a deal done before then.” That’s a silly excuse. One can make excuse after excuse like that to push off making hard decisions and taking tough votes.

So Congress, do the deal — the whole deal — this year. Untie the debate over the top line and the sequester mechanism. The fight over the right amount of money to budget can wait for future years; it should wait for future years. But the agreement to fix the wrong way to get to those budget numbers can’t wait for future years, and shouldn’t. Not if Capitol Hill expects a functional, effective, efficient executive branch. It won’t get one, no matter how much it rants, until the sequester goes away.

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