New Congress ‘worst places to work’ hotline: right idea, wrong question

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From my latest commentary on

An endorsement of even one success would go a long way to reassuring the executive branch that this Congress is serious about governing. Meadows says “There is at least one Democrat [his subcommittee’s ranking member, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D- Va.)] and one Republican willing to look at what matters most to the hundreds of thousands of federal workforce employees that serve our public every day.” He can prove it by, as the old song said, “accentuating the positive.” And no one expects him to heed the song’s advice to eliminate the negative — just maybe balance it out a little bit. Of course, anybody can email the tip line, for any reason (hope his IT team has a good spam filter set up). I wonder what would happen if feds started emailing positive stories to, so his staff could get a real sense of the scale of positive-to-negative going on inside agencies? Such a body of work might help him find one or two more Republicans willing to join his effort to help federal employees.

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