3 reasons why new SES reform panel can succeed where others have not

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From my latest commentary on FederalNewsRadio.com:

With only 22 months remaining in the Obama administration, it is making a serious move to keep its promise to remake the Senior Executive Service. That effort is off to a solid (if late) start, but the real test won’t come until the administration is almost out of time. Federal News Radio has documented(and I’ve lamented) the administration’s late arrival to the SES reform party. But the announcement of24 government superstars to a panel who will advise President Barack Obama is a great start in the effort to play catch-up. The White House did a fantastic job of choosing a wonderfully diverse group of people. The members come from large and small agencies (and even quasi-federal agencies). They have different areas of expertise. (The administration resisted the temptation to jam it full of HR folks.) And they’re even a mixture of SES and General Schedule personnel. This panel has a chance to make a difference where others didn’t for several important reasons.

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