Why feds and contractors have such a bad reputation outside DC

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From my latest commentary on FederalNewsRadio.com:

Many of the stories about HealthCare.gov in general-interest media were done by people who’d never covered government before. Thus they had no context about how federal IT worked, or whether it was different from private-sector IT; and they had little to no idea where to begin to find out. They had no ready bank of success stories from which to glean thought leaders and doers to provide context, parallels, and precedents.

Government needs to be more risk-tolerant and trusting of the people that do the important work of the government, and let them talk about their work. Industry needs to demonstrate its value-add beyond the shareholder community.

Taxpayers in flyover America believe government and industry owe them better explanations of what they’re doing, and they’re right. The solutions will take time and effort, but they are doable — and worth it. You’re spending their money, and the citizens you serve deserve to know how well you’re doing.

Read the full commentary here.

(Photo by flickr user Billy Bob Bain)