Congress’ March Madness: Fed-focused bills might not make the Final Four

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This is the time of the year that I become That Guy.

Every office has one: The guy who doesn’t pay attention to the NCAA college basketball tournament. I just have never been a basketball guy. So when March Madness rolls around, for me it’s more like March Malaise. The madness has already started on Capitol Hill, though, for federal employees. Federal News Radio reported on four bills that could affect your job and salary. But what chance do they really have? Usually, odds- making would be in order. But during March Madness, of course, no one bets on basketball. So rather than offering odds, let’s look at each one, and see how far it might advance toward making the finals — a signature from President Barack Obama. The most important thing to remember with pending legislation is that any member can file a bill, any time. So it’s especially important to understand the who, why and how behind every bill when your paycheck is on the line. So here’s a check on each of the four bills that make up Congress’ version of March Madness.

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Photo By USCapitol (U.S. Capitol Dome in Snow) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons