Behind the curtain: Inspectors General won’t let their guard down

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The Inspectors General community in the Federal government is often apprehensive about talking about its work. Often requests for conversations about IG reports are met with “the report will stand on its own.” Brian Miller, former Inspector General at the General Services Administration and now Managing Director at Navigant, joined me today to offer an introduction to the world of the IG. We discussed the two important ways IGs view their missions; the balance between independence from, and collaboration with, agency leadership; and who has the IG’s back when sparks fly.

7/1/14 Brian Miller on In Depth w/Francis Rose

Also on today’s show: an unlikely source for a Federal health IT success story – Immigration and Customs Enforcement – could be a model for other agencies building electronic health record systemsCapt. Deanna Gephart, Assistant director of Health Records at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Jim Porter, electronic health records program manager for Enforcement and Removal Operations and Acting Branch Director at ICE, explain how they did it.