How to stop talking, start changing at Pentagon: McGrath & Wennergren

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A consensus is building in Washington – in the Pentagon, on Capitol Hill, and in the thought community – about how to fix the problems that hold the Defense Department back. Congressional committees like the House Armed Services Committee’s special panel on defense acquisition reform are looking for solutions that have eluded the agency. Beth McGrath, former Deputy Chief Management Officer and now a Director of Deloitte’s Federal practice, and Dave Wennergren, McGrath’s former deputy as Assistant Deputy Chief Management Officer, now senior vice president of technology policy at the Professional Services Council, told me today they continue to consult with Congress. We discussed how to get from talking about solutions, to actually solving problems.

6/30/14 Francis Rose w/McGrath & Wennergren

Click here to watch Beth McGrath’s testimony to the House Armed Services Committee

Also on today’s show: Ford Heard, the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Procurement Policy, Systems and Oversight at the Department of Veterans Affairs, on building and keeping a strong acquisition workforce; the Government Accountability Office’s Asif Khan returns with a look at the latest financial management troubles at the Defense Department; and Roll Call Senior Editor David Hawkings explains why the September 30th Federal budget deadline is a lot closer than it looks.