Shinseki VA health care scandal: how soon to real solutions?

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Today’s resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki won’t end the problems for the agency. The White House investigation, led by Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors, continues; the VA Inspector General’s interim report this week indicates his work is continuing; and members of Congress are likely to ask the Government Accountability Office to take another look at the problems at VA. Understandably, several news stories about VA’s problems were among the choices on this week’s Federal News Countdown. Debra Roth of Shaw Bransford and Roth and Tim McManus of the Partnership for Public Service were my Federal experts on the Countdown, choosing their three most important Federal news stories of the week.

Federal News Countdown 5/30/14

Also on today’s show: Frank Hoffman of National Defense University explains why a Commission on the Structure of the Army is a bad idea – and those that want it might not like the results; Tammy Flanagan on the three biggest mistakes people make planning their retirements, and how to avoid them; and more.