Wennergren: some possible crashes at intersection of cloud, mobile

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The potential problems of adding mobile devices to a federal cloud system could outweigh their potential benefits. Dave Wennergren, vice president of Enterprise Technologies and Services at CACI and former assistant deputy chief management officer of the Defense Department, is writing about that intersection in his Top 3 for 2014.


On today’s show I also talked to Scott Montgomery, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at McAfee, about evolving cybersecurity threats and how to predict them; Charles Tiefer, Professor of Government Contracting Law at the University of Baltimore Law School and former Commissioner on the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan about generating more competition in government contracting; and Tim McManus, Vice President for Education and Outreach at the Partnership for Public Service, about preparing a great nomination for a Service to America Medal.  You can listen to all of those interviews on today’s In Depth show blog.