Hackers vs utilities, NSA oversight should be cyber priorities for ’14

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A massive shutdown of the United States’s electric grid, water supply, sewage processing and treatment system, or other critical infrastructure system via cyber attack is not as far-fatched as you might hope.  The National Institute of Standards and Technology will deliver a framework for securing those systems, but then comes the hard part: getting the critical infrastructure providers to go along.

2014 will also be a critical year for the National Security Agency as it struggles to regain the confidence of Congress and the American people.  Demonstrating how their programs have saved lives and stopped terror attacks will go a long way toward re-earning trust – but not the whole way.

Greg Garcia is founder and Principal of Garcia Cyber Partners, and former Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications at the Department of Homeland Security.  Cybersecurity and the NSA are both on his Top 3 for 2014, part of my series on In Depth with Francis Rose on Federal News Radio.

Francis Rose interview w/Greg Garcia

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