Coast Guard’s Metruck: USCG aids first clean audit ever for DHS

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The Homeland Security Department passed a clean audit for the first time ever. Components of the agency can each claim part of that success. Adm. Stephen Metruck explains the Coast Guard’s involvement in this achievement today on my show.

Since the Coast Guard is the largest component of DHS, “we’re a significant portion of DHS’s financial statements,” Metruck tells me today.  “Over 25% of the financial activity, and over half of the department’s property rests with the Coast Guard.”  Metruck says that large footprint is why the Coast Guard’s role in the clean audit opinion is a big one.

Also on today’s show:  Ted Davies, leader of Federal for Unisys; and Tim McManus of the Partnership for Public Service.  You can find all of the interviews on today’s In Depth show blog.