AEI’s Greenwalt: 5 factors to fix Pentagon procurement, & why they won’t happen

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The new guidance on Better Buying Power is one step toward the Defense Department’s goal to get more value for the dollars they spend.  Frank Kendall detailed the new guidance on my show yesterday.  “Five Factors to fix Pentagon Procurement” is the latest look at this issue by Bill Greenwalt, Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Industrial Policy.  He was my guest on Pentagon Solutions today to talk about his list – and why the five factors will be hard to fix.

You can also find today’s interviews with Harvard professor and former OFPP Administrator Steve Kelman on reverse auctions, and Col. Jeremy Martin, USA, Commandant of the Defense Information School and head of the Chesapeake Bay Area Combined Federal Campaign on the final push for a successful CFC.  Those interviews and more are on today’s In Depth show blog.