Exclusive: Pentagon’s Frank Kendall explains acquisition updates

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From my colleague Michael O’Connell’s great story on my exclusive interview with Frank Kendall:

“The Department of Defense has new guidance out that will unravel its byzantine acquisition system by incorporating the latest Better Buying Power principles. Undersecretary for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall says building those principles into policy was the reason he updated Instruction 5000.02.

“‘I’ve seen about a dozen different versions of 5000.02 in my career and they essentially all do the same thing in slightly different ways,’ Frank Kendall told Federal News Radio’s Francis Rose.

“The new version of 5000.02 clears up how to structure an acquisition program’s lifecycle, depending on what is being acquired and the factors that influence how that acquisition takes place.

“The update provides a number of different models that are product related, whether the product is software or hardware intensive. It also provides a model for rapid acquisition in which the urgency of the need is the driving factor in how the program is structured.”


I also welcomed Janet Kopenhaver, Washington representative of Federally Employed Women, on the new budget deal; and Larry Allen of Allen Federal Business Partners, on  how that deal might give contractors some stability in the year to come.  You can listen to my other interviews from the show on today’s In Depth show blog.