Listen (John Batchelor): Slow economy, but bulls lead stocks; Snowden spooks intel community

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10pm hour, part 1, Francis Rose guest hosting The John Batchelor Show

Gas prices are going up, unemployment isn’t going down, and the economy is, at best, standing still.  But the stock market regularly hits highs, and the bulls are in control on Wall Street.  Jim McTague, Washington editor of Barron’s, explains why the economic signs point all over the place, and what may happen if more of the signs start pointing downward.

ALSO:  The House Financial Services Committee is looking at legislation that would dramatically reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with other entities in the mortgage business.  Ed Pinto, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, thinks this legislation is the right way to go, and explained why.

7/28 Batchelor McTague Pinto

10pm hour, part 2

Detroit is in bankruptcy, but the city’s saviors might already be sparking a revival.  Millennials, the generation born from the late 1980s through early 2000s, are looking for opportunities to remake living environments to suit themselves – exactly what Detroit has to offer.  Morley Winograd, a leading expert on millennials and co-author (along with Michael Hais) of books on the impact of millennials on society, reveals why Detroit and other decaying urban centers may be just where these young people want to build their futures.

ALSO:  The Edward Snowden case still has the national security and intelligence apparatus on edge.  They’re nailing down who has access to what, and who’s watching who.  Major General Dale Meyerrose (USAF ret.) is President of the Meyerrose Group.  He was the first Chief Information Officer at US Northern Command, among other assignments.  After his retirement from the Air Force, he became the first Chief Information Office of the newly-created Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  Gen. Meyerrose laid out who’s responsible for making sure the wrong people don’t see the wrong things, and why we may be thinking about information security all wrong.

7/28 Batchelor Winograd Meyerrose